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Understanding your kidney (renal) disease is the first step in taking control of your health. In general, kidney disease means your kidneys can no longer remove effectively all the waste produced from the metabolism of your body. The accumulation of wastes can change the chemistry of your body causing abnormalities in your blood tests but not necessarily symptoms that you can feel. It is quite scary to realize that anyone can lose up to half of more of kidney function without noticing any symptoms or signs. Since the kidneys do much more than producing urine and cleaning the blood (for example: balance your body fluids and electrolytes, keep your bones healthy and prevent the development of anemia, regulate your blood pressure, etc.); Developing kidney disease is a major problem that can put life at risk in many ways. If you have been told you have any kidney abnormality or malfunction or disease, seeking a kidney doctor (also called a nephrologist) consultation is very important. Make sure to check out our professional Nephrology providers in the high desert!

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